Love Thy Neighbor… or Don’t?

April 17, 2009 at 10:48 pm Leave a comment

Ok, nobody’s twisting our arms to make friends with our neighbors. I’ve gone my whole life without knowing half of our neighbors, and that’s been just fine. When we moved into our condo, however, I felt slightly obligated to reach out and forge friendships with the people who live in the condos around us. Not so easy, I’m finding.

moving_inGone are the days when a neighbor pops buy to borrow a cup of sugar. Not that I was expecting a welcome muffin basket, but of the 5 people that live in close vicinity, I was kind of surprised that only one made the effort to introduce himself. In fact, he invited Shawn to a local bar to catch the Bears game. But, it was a Bears game. From time to time, we’d see this neighbor, exchange hellos, and once in a great while he’d stop by to see if he could borrow power tools, but that was about it.

I suppose I couldn’t expect it to happen overnight, but since we really didn’t know anyone in Portsmouth before we moved here, I was hoping we’d immediately connect with all of these new people, share potluck dinners on Sunday nights and help each other shovel out our cars after snowstorms. Maybe even go half-sies on wi-fi? No?

The thing is, I am dying to know what these people do for a living. 4 of them regularly stay home during work hours (I know this because they’re always here when I work from home once a week). If they’re home while most people are at work, does it mean they have a sick telecommuting job? Are they super rich and just don’t need to work? Are they famous bloggers that make their means solely by their advertising? Were they recently laid off?

It might be a good thing that we’re not friends with our neighbors. I mean, there’s a reason interoffice dating is strongly discouraged, right? If it turns sour, you’re stuck seeing them every day and it could just make an uncomfortable situation worse. But, maybe the warmer weather will inspire a few more friendly conversations. Until then, we’ll keep to ourselves and if anyone needs sugar, I hope they’ll take Sweet & Low.

UPDATE: I was right! The warmer weather definitely inspired a few more friendly converstaions. We’re all outside a little bit more and we’re all less inclined to haul inside to escape the cold. Shawn managed to have longer conversations with two of our neighbors to find out that they are *both* moving in the next month! Within 9 months, we become the veteran residents! This is a fun little twist, but it kinda sucks because we’re finding that our neighbors are actually really nice! Fingers crossed that the next set are just as cool..


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