In 2005, after spending four years of living sheltered on my college campus, I returned home to my parents’ house only to decide that I’d stay there, rent-free, forever. Between then and now, my boyfriend convinced me that renting an apartment was a waste of money and that buying a condo was the best next move for us. Thus, this blog.

When you’re going from zero to homeowner in (what seems like) 60 seconds, it’d be nice to have a “Becoming an Adult for Dummies” book. Since I didn’t, I am recounting life’s little revelations of homeownership and the 20-something transition into adulthood. Admittedly, cooking / cleaning / domestic responsibilities don’t come easy to me. Hopefully my chronicles of dumb nesting mistakes (I’ll be honest, there are many) will keep you from making the same. And, if you’re a seasoned vet (that’s you, Joey and Meg), hopefully you’ll chime in with a good tip here and there too.


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