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Things I Love That I Haven’t Bought Yet: IdeaPaint Dry-Erase Paint

Move over chalkboard paint! I don’t know why it took SO LONG for this stuff to be developed, but it just makes SENSE, and I want to paint my entire house with it! If you don’t know already, I’m obsessed with To Do lists. Well, I’m obsessed with lists in general, so IdeaPaint’s dry-erase board paint seems like the greatest stuff in the world to me! Nod to Apartment Therapy for bringing this gem into my life!

source: IdeaPaint

I’m a little skeptical about how even the paint is when applied (especially if I’m the one painting), but it claims to be a roller applied paint that turns any surface into a dry-erase board. Of course it’s ideal for the conference room, but you can also use it at home. I can totally see myself becoming that crazed Alpha Wife who keeps the family’s schedule and grocery list scrawled across the kitchen wall.

Note to self: Tell our CEO about this. My company is moving into a new building in a few weeks, and if there’s one thing that is APPARENT, it’s that we looove us some dry-erase white boards. Every desk has one, every conference room is walled on at least two sides with them – even the hallways have white boards!


June 5, 2009 at 9:34 pm 2 comments

My Spring Cleaning Wishlist

I want this cupboard. Immediately:


I’ve always had a thing for organizing, especially when it makes my clutter look completely streamlined (ok, and slightly sterile). I bought one of those mobile (read: plastic) filing cabinets when I was 16 to store my pay stubs and school work and probably a handful of junk mail credit card offers. I got an expandable utensil drawer organizer for my junk drawer at work, which only has aspirin and gum in it. I like order, so sue me.

I figured it would only take me a week to unpack everything and organize it exactly as I had grown accustomed to at my dad’s house. We’re unpacked, but not everything has its place, and that annoys me. So, I’m developing my spring cleaning wishlist – cleaning / organizational / decorative “To Do’s” I am determined to accomplish by June 21st:

  1. Put all VIPs (very important papers – nod to Ms. Toombs for that one) in the filing cabinet we bought – this includes condo insurance, papers & forms we accumulated at closing, information on our mortgage loan, car payments, etc.
  2. Find a better way to organize this eyesore. Eventually would like to replace it altogether, but a kitchen redo isn’t happening anytime soon.
  3. Establish a cleaning schedule that does not allow our home to hover in frat-house levels of filth as it sometimes (err, often) does. The Hyper Homemaker put together a sick weekly cleaning list that itemizes her tasks for each day. When you look at it this way, it doesn’t look nearly as overwhelming as when you save it all for a Saturday morning. This might be my most important task that I vow to accomplish.
  4. Add color to our living room. So far we’ve got beige, beige and beige. Our carpet offers some shades of green, gold and gray, but we need some serious inspiration. Probably in the form of throw pillows.
  5. Find a new home for my make up case; it currently lives next to the bathroom sink. I like counters to be free of clutter, and it drives me nuts that I don’t have a shelf, drawer or cabinet to store this stuff. Bathroom storage is by far our biggest challenge when it comes to storage.

I think this is sufficient. I could come up with plenty more, but June 21 is in less than two months, and the next few weekends are chock full of weddings, long-weekend vacations and birthday parties.

April 30, 2009 at 3:58 pm 1 comment

Buying Stuff For the Sake of Buying Stuff

Shawn & I had an overwhelming trip to IKEA when we first bought our condo. Living at my dad’s house, we managed to squeeze a bed, two large dressers, a futon, a few book cases and a night stand into one bedroom. Sounds like a lot for one room, but when you bring it all into a 1100 square foot condo, it’s not much. Proof:

empty-nestYes, those are two overturned boxes serving as our makeshift coffee table. (Actually, one of them still serves as my nightstand, but you know, owning a home is a marathon, not a sprint.)

Anyway, a trip to IKEA was imperative. I swear, the creators of that store did some serious psychographic research to make sure they squeezed every dollar from every single person that walked through. Okay, the insanely low prices might have something to do with it too.

However, since we hadn’t previously discussed decorating ideas or interior design style, we were swayed by every single display that we walked by. Shelving and wardrobes and kitchen islands, oh my! If you’ve never been there, you’ve been warned.

One of my favorite purchases was this set of floating bookcases:

floating-bookcasesThis would be fine, except what do I do with those top bookcases? Right now there are birthday cards, one frame, and Shawn’s stuffed bunny from when he was a baby (awww). During Christmas, we had a ton of random trinkets that did the trick, but now I’m at a loss. What kind of crap do we put up there? More books? Empty vases and bowls? My friend Holly at Sweet Hours Have Perished Here suggested checking out the housewares at Goodwill. I hadn’t even thought of that! Admittedly, I still haven’t gone there, but it’s a smart and cost effective place to go when you need to buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff. I’m planning on heading there soon and taking in as many Portsmouth, NH yard sales as possible when those start up too.

April 2, 2009 at 7:39 pm 1 comment

Hi, my name is Sandra, and I’m forgetful.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be worried about my lack of memory at the tender age of 25. It’s not a malicious lack of will to do something, I just simply forget lots of things all the time. Starting the dishwasher after it’s locked and loaded. Taking chicken out of the freezer to thaw. Sending my mom a birthday card (sawwrryyyyy).

I did the whole text message reminder thing for a bit but found it more annoying than anything. Plus, text messages are so easy to read in a glance and then forget about them. And, when I forget my phone at home, which happens about once a week, it kind of loses its purpose.

So, I’m looking forward to trying Reminderfox from Firefox:

Hopefully the solution to my forgetfulness

Hopefully the solution to my forgetfulness

Since I’m online all. the. time. I’m hoping that this, in conjunction with my handy dandy new Google Calendar, might just be the system I need. Anyone else have reminder systems that work well for them? Maybe alerts to run the dishwasher seems kinda silly, but am I the only one with a really crappy memory?

January 9, 2009 at 9:20 am 2 comments

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