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Things I Love That I Haven’t Bought Yet: Mostly Useless Housewares

Once in a while I stumble upon these websites that have the most creative, fun, and slightly kitchy products, and I want to scoop them up either for myself or for friends and family. Recently, I realized that I’ve built up a small collection of these sites, but have never pulled the trigger on buying anything. With Christmas approaching (yup, I went there), the wheels are turning and I’m starting to get a few ideas for gifts… for myself, mostly. Among them:

happy birthday cake mold

Happy Birthday Cake Mold from The Spoon Sisters. Of course, in order to have a reason to buy this, I’d have to start baking, which might actually make me second guess this purchase, but it’s still a really cute idea. Wish they made others that you could customize. I’d buy a mold that said “Hands off, bitches.”

key pete Key Pete from the Spoon Sisters. This little guy is so cute that I kinda want to buy a bunch of them and hang my utensils around the kitchen. Weird, I know. If he were gumby-like and you could move his arms, I’d hang my necklaces all around my bedroom. I’m sure Shawn would love that.


I love these Mix Stix from Friend & Friends. Oh, you probably didn’t know that I am quite serious about my drumming when we play Rock Band. One day I will take real drum lessons, but until that day, I definitely need to get these mixing spoons. Hm. I might even consider cooking if I had them.


Okay, this isn’t even suggestive. It just puts it right out there. Barring the fact that this Get to the Point Wall Decal would require us to have nice glass shower doors (definitely not), I would totally grab these decals because they’re silly and fun, and I’m sure it would make guests feel a little awkward. Worth it!


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Things I Love That I Haven’t Bought Yet: IdeaPaint Dry-Erase Paint

Move over chalkboard paint! I don’t know why it took SO LONG for this stuff to be developed, but it just makes SENSE, and I want to paint my entire house with it! If you don’t know already, I’m obsessed with To Do lists. Well, I’m obsessed with lists in general, so IdeaPaint’s dry-erase board paint seems like the greatest stuff in the world to me! Nod to Apartment Therapy for bringing this gem into my life!

source: IdeaPaint

I’m a little skeptical about how even the paint is when applied (especially if I’m the one painting), but it claims to be a roller applied paint that turns any surface into a dry-erase board. Of course it’s ideal for the conference room, but you can also use it at home. I can totally see myself becoming that crazed Alpha Wife who keeps the family’s schedule and grocery list scrawled across the kitchen wall.

Note to self: Tell our CEO about this. My company is moving into a new building in a few weeks, and if there’s one thing that is APPARENT, it’s that we looove us some dry-erase white boards. Every desk has one, every conference room is walled on at least two sides with them – even the hallways have white boards!

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Things I Love That I Haven’t Bought Yet: Low Profile Air Conditioner

C’mon people, it’s 2009. Why are air conditioners still sooo bulky and unsightly? Now that we’re creeping up on summer, the weather is getting just a bit consistent with warmer temps (though as I type this, it’s 60 degrees and pouring). New technology has allowed us to streamline and simplify so many appliances and household items, but the AC has remained a boxy, ugly summer ornament hanging on our windows.

I know we’ll need to invest in an air conditioner once the NH seacoast heats up, but I’m determined to find one that doesn’t require its own storage unit in the off-season. Ideally, my perfect AC would not only look sleek, but it’d be Energy Star-qualified and programmable too. Energy Star qualified room air conditioners use at least 10% less energy than conventional models. Hellooo, happy wallet!

And, if it’s programmable, we’d be able to set it through the day to turn off when we go to work and start up again in time for us to be nice and cool in the afternoon, similar to our thermostat (:ahem: that we still haven’t installed…).

When you’re buying an AC, there are a few important features to keep in mind:

  • Size
  • Ease of installation
  • Noisiness (this is not so much an issue, since we love white noise)
  • Efficiency

After a bit of research, I give you our contenders:

LG Electronics GL6000ER Low Profile Window Air Conditioner with Remote

air conditioner1

PROS: With remote! I’m so lazy, so I love that feature! This AC takes up less of your window – only 12″ tall – leaving you more of a view. It’s programmable and the auto restart feature turns it back on automatically after a power failure (summer blackouts? SO fun!). And, Energy Star-compliant!

CONS: Once this is installed, it stays in one room (and though our place is only 1,100 sqauare feet, we likely won’t use the AC to cool the entire condo). So, if we put the air conditioner in the bedroom, we’re going to be mighty uncomfortable watching TV in a swealtering living room.

ACP-1300E NewAir Best Value Portable Air Conditioner

air conditioner2

PROS: It can be moved from room to room, and can be up to 50% more energy efficient than some central air conditioning systems due to the fact that only certain rooms are cooled. Also, it’s great for humid climates, which Portsmouth definitely is. Portable ACs also dehumidify the air, which is important to my hair. And, remote! Woo!

CONS: None, from what I can tell. And, it’s gotten great reviews!

Though the purchase is still a few weeks out, I think this quick and entirely informal product review has led me to choose the portable AC. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a portable AC before, does anyone have one? Any cons?

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Things I Love That I Haven’t Bought Yet: Calvin Klein Bedding

I really wish I could be one of those housewives who changes all of her housewares, bedding, curtains and decorations to match the season. If I was an inspired, rich, stay-at-home m-word (not quite there yet), I would do it. But I always talk myself out of it because I’d have to change everything 3 months later. As such, everything in our house is tan. If it’s not tan, it’s gray. Omni-seasonal and neutral to the max.

Then I saw this. This could be the first “seasonal” bedding I buy:


Calvin’s home bedding from Macy’s always finds itself at the top of my list. Simple, kinda preppy, always in style. This set just looks so bright and comfortable, and perfect for the summer. Now, if I do go ahead and make the purchase, I’ll need new curtains. Currently we have navy roman shades, and I have a feeling I’ll meet some resistance from Shawn, who needs 100% darkness for sleep. Maybe some darker tan or olive-colored shades.. hmm, maybe I have to buy those flowers so the stems match the window treatments. Is that taking it too far? I just want it to coordinate!

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